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Small Animal News and Updates!

Puppy and Kitten Health Packages!

Veterinary Associates is happy to announce that we are now offering puppy and kitten health packages. These packages provide all the necessary examinations, vaccinations, and health screens for pets during their first year of life for a discounted price. You will also receive 10% off of a Spay/Neuter if done before the pet is 1 year of age.

In order to receive the discounts, you must pay for the entire package in full at or before your first visit. Please note, any further visits, diagnostics, and or treatments will be billed separately at regular price. The package expires at one year of age and no refunds are available for any unused services.

Call for pricing and set an appointment today!

Ticks are here and with a vengeance!

Tick and heartworm season is well underway. Have you stocked up on your flea, tick, and heartworm products? We at Veterinary Associates are happy to announce we are now carrying Seresto collars which provide flea and tick protection for 8 months! This is the only type of collar that has been proven to work and protect your whole dog or cat from tick-borne diseases such as Lyme Disease, Anaplasma, and Ehrlichia, We are also still carrying Frontline and NexGard. Stop in today and get your dogs and cats protected!

Canine Influenza

Veterinary Associates would like to make our clients aware that animals with Canine Influenza virus (CIV) symptoms have been seen in our practice area and we ask that you please have your dog seen by a veterinarian if your pet exhibits these signs (similar to kennel cough) -

A dry hacking cough
Coughing up a white, foamy phlegm
Lack of appetite
Runny nose
Rapid breathing

Any dog that may have these signs, is confirmed to have Canine Influenza, or had contact with another dog that has the signs of Canine Influenza should remain quarantined at the owners home for 3 weeks.

A vaccine is available for canine influenza, however, it is currently on back-order. We will make it available as we get it in. It is similar to flu vaccines in humans where it won't prevent infection, however, when infected, it will help lessen the severity of the virus. 

An official letter from the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association about a recent outbreak of CIV in the Chicago area can be found at the link below.