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At Veterinary Associates Hazel Green - Galena the following are some of the many services we offer. If you have any questions about our services please feel free to contact us.

Companion Animal:

Preventative Medicine in the form of vaccinations and routine health screens,

Surgery including spay & neuter, soft tissue surgeries including mass removals, declaw surgeries

Dentistry: routine prophylactic cleanings, oral surgery including extractions of diseased teeth

Acute Care: Critical care of ill or injured patients

Senior Care: your aging pet has special requirements including the need for more frequent physical exams, screening for organ function, and different nutritional needs to name a few

Production Animals: Herd Heath, Preventative Medicine, Individual animal medical intervention, Foot and Lameness care, Embryo Transfer

Equine: Routine Health Exams, Lameness Exams, Dentistry Services, Reproductive Services

We have in-house chemistry and radiology (also available on the farm/ranch), inhalation anesthesia, sterile surgical suite, and offer a full array of send out laboratory testing with next day results.