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COVID - 19

We sincerely appreciate your patience during these uncertain times in response to the COVID -19 health crisis.  We are considered to be an essential business, as indicated by the States of Wisconsin and Illinois, so we will remain open to serve your pets. 

That order does state “non-essential veterinary care should be avoided”, so we are currently limiting our appointments to sick and injured pets and emergencies.  Please call us if you have questions about time-sensitive vaccines.

As a reminder, we are offering car-side concierge services, so please remain in your vehicle and call us at Hazel Green, WI – 608-854-2283 or Galena, IL - 815-777-0880 upon arrival in our parking lot. Thank you for your patience as our changing protocols take more time. We are trying to ensure the safety of our clients and staff while taking the best possible care of your pets.

     These are the precautions: 

          · We will take your pet’s history and information over the phone. 

          · Your pet should be on a leash or in a carrier and be easily handed to the technician who meets you at your car. 

          · While you wait in your car, we will examine your pet, and the veterinarian will call you to discuss        recommendations and treatments. 

          · We can take credit card over the phone, also accept cash or check.

          · We will bring your receipt, medication if needed, and your pet back to your vehicle.

Customers will continue to be able to pick up food and medications. We have had a lot of requests for increased quantities of medications. Unfortunately, we are only able to fill normal quantities in order to maintain a supply for all of our patients. Please call ahead for these items so we can guarantee their availability.